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How do I schedule lessons?

Call the office at 732-462-6626 to make an appointment to come in. During this appointment, we will fill out the necessary paperwork to purchase a permit, complete a short eye exam, administer the written knowledge test (if necessary), and schedule lessons with an instructor. 

If I am being picked up from school, where do I go?
  • Marlboro High School: in the senior parking lot by the soccer field. 

  • Manalapan High School: near the parent pickup in the parking spots by the maintenance shed.

  • Colts Neck High School: in the front of the school.

  • Freehold Boro High School: On Robertsville Road by the football field. 

  • Freehold Township High School: across the street on Woodstock Place. 

  • Howell High School: senior parking lot. 

What are the restrictions when driving on a permit?
  • Once your permit is validated you can drive with anyone with a  New Jersey License 21 years of age or older with 3 or more years of behind the wheel driving experience on an unrestricted license.

  • Once the student has the permit, they must transfer the  permit to each vehicle they drive and must keep the document unaltered (Including bending, staining, or any markings not performed by a NJMVC employee).

  • Red learners decals must be placed on the top left corner of the front and rear license plate of the vehicle being driven by the student (Decals may be purchased at any MVC location for a fee of $5).

  • Also, all students on a validated New Jersey permit cannot drive between the hours of 11:00 P.M.-5:00 A.M., and are not permitted to drive outside of the state of New Jersey.

What do I need for my initial appointment?

Please call to schedule an initial appointment. Scheduled appointments are preferred and will take priority over walk-ins. 

  • Original Birth certificate (with raised seal) or original U.S. Passport

  • Social Security Card

  • $100 Deposit to be paid with Cash, Check, or Credit Card (3.5% service charge)

  • $10 cash to purchase the permit

  • Printed copy of written test results (if taken in school)

  • Corrective lenses (if applicable)

  • Work/extra-curricular activity schedule(s)

What happens when I am done with my 6 hours?
  • Once you have completed your six hours of behind the wheel instruction, your permit must go back to the MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission) Agency for validation which will make your permit legal to drive with. 

  • Upon receiving the validated permit from the MVC, a phone call will be made to the phone number given when setting up the initial office appointment, notifying them that they can pickup the permit. 

  • When picking up the permit, the office staff will indicate the locations of all important information on the permit. This will include the scheduled road test date (date is scheduled with the NJMVC, not Freehold Driving School) and the 6 hour behind the wheel completion certificate (used for insurance purposes).

What do I need for my road test?
  • 6 points of identification

  • Validated and active permit

  • A vehicle with emergency brake in the center

  • A credit card (to purchase your license)

If you're vehicle does not meet the requirements and you wish to utilize one of our vehicles and/or you would like to schedule a refresher course(s) prior to or on the day of your road test, please contact the office (732-462-6626) 3 months prior to the road test date to be added to the schedule.

Road tests will be conducted at the Eatontown DMV:  

109 NJ-36, Eatontown, NJ 07724

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