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About Us

We are dedicated to your progress. We have both male and female driving instructors with a combined 150 years of driving instruction experience

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Our History

A testimonial to our founder, Jerry D. Rosen

Freehold Driving School was founded in 1970 by Jerry Donald Rosen. He and his wife, Gloria, moved to New Jersey in 1953. Jerry had been a NYC cab driver, and Gloria, a textile industry employee. They decided on a chicken farm in Howell township. Soon after they settled, the chicken market fell.

Jerry had taught his newlywed wife, and other NYC transplants to drive. Stanley Kramer, Jerry's brother in law, found employment with Taggart's Driving School, after his farm closed as well. Soon after, both opted to go out on their own. Jerry founded Jersey Coast Driving School and Stanley founded Princeton Driving School. In the beginning, students were scarce and staggered. Jerry would drive from Toms River to Freehold, to Woodbridge, and back to Howell. The name eventually changed to Freehold Driving School, as Western Monmouth County became more populated.

Business increased significantly in this area, when most schools in New Jersey eliminated their behind the wheel driver education programs. In 1980, Freehold Driving School was contracted to the Freehold Regional High School district as the primary driving school of choice. This action completely altered Jerry's business. Jerry's business became a familiar name to two generations of students. Today Freehold Driving School, continues to serve Western Monmouth County with dedication to its customers.

Freehold Driving School is proudly owned by Douglas and Deborah White. Douglas White retired from DMV as a driver examiner.

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