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Your Driver’s License Is Just A Click Away!

A long time favorite of Western Monmouth County- Parallel Parking Simplified

At Freehold Driving School, our student's safety is our number one priority. We have served Monmouth County since 1970 and with our experience; we are truly knowledgeable when it comes to what is expected to pass the written and practical driving exams. We teach our students the skills to maneuver through most driving environments that will keep them safe as they begin their new found freedom. Call us today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your concerns.

Comprehensive Driving Experience

Freehold Driving school offers comprehensive courses that give all our students the opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own community providing a realistic experience. Our students learn proper signaling, parallel parking, defensive driving, re-examination and many more driving activities.

  • Over 40 years experience

  • Written and eye exams available in our office

  • Office is open 6 days a week

  • Certified and Bonded by State of New Jersey

  • Parallel Parking simplified

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